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responsive designs

AnyPage can create responsive email templates just as effectively as we can create your responsive website designs. Responsive emails automatically resize themselves and re-order their layouts to match the shape and size of whatever smart device the reader is using. In this way, your carefully crafted visuals, image and video elements and important copy are always presented in the most effective way.

Responsive HTML emails

From simple autoresponders to complex and visually stunning email application, AnyPage creates today’s most advanced and robust email templates. We give you the power to interact with your audience in the most effective and versatile manner possible.

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Table based layout

Major email clients doesn't support div based layouts, to ensure email works on every clients we do table based layout which render perfectly to every client like outlook, gmail, yahoo etc

100% money back guarantee

Your total satisfaction is our primary goal. In order to best serve you, we break our fee down based on the four steps above. We don’t move along to the next step until you’ve approved the current one.

Responsive email template

To accommodate mobile devices in your website designs, so too is it vital to do the same for emails. More and more, your customers, employees and partners are checking emails using smart phones and tablets.

Inline CSS

As you know external CSS wont work on most cases in email development. So we use inline CSS to keep design as it designed in layout. We do even write fallbacks to older email clients for modern properties.

Support major email clients

We support major email clients out of the box e.g Outlook,, Apple Mail, AOL Webmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, or only based on your requirements.

NDA agreement

We keep your assets secure, we value your work and business. We never touch or resell any of your artwork, images or even little things used in your projects.

Our handcrafted email supports following clients

Apple Mail (Desktop)
Apple Mail (iOS)
Outlook (2000, 2002, 2003)
Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013)
Outlook (2011)
Gmail (Desktop)
Gmail (Mobile, iOS, Android)
Outlook 2011 for Mac
AOL Mail
Yahoo! (Explorer, Firefox & Chrome)
Lotus Notes 7 , 8 , 8.5
Windows Phone 8
Every email will be tested using Litmus
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