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Your website is arguably the most powerful marketing tool your company possesses. It acts as a source of information, a salesperson who’s on duty 24/7, a way for customers to interact with you and so much more. Because of the dominance of the internet and mobile technology, your website has never been more critical to your long term success. More than 97% of customers use the internet to search for, interact with and share information about businesses.

Whether on a PC, laptop or mobile device, it’s vital that your website be designed to operate properly and to present your business in a modern and effective way that customers demand.

4 Steps that put you ahead

AnyPage has compiled the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable team in order to create a website application for your business that keeps you ahead of the curve and makes you stand out among your competition. Your AnyPage website team focuses entirely on you and your needs from our initial contact to long after your website is launched.

Our simple yet powerful 4 step process has been honed over years of practical experience to produce the finest product for you without forcing an over-inflated price tag on your budget.

Consultation and UX

Step 1

Consultation and UX

The most important step in developing your new website or re-tooling your existing website is our initial consultation. It’s important that we get to know you before we can even design the first graphic.

Although we offer you decades of combined experience, we understand that this is your business and it’s your goals that we’re helping you to achieve. Before we even get started, we get to know you, your company and your goals.

A happy visitor is an engaged visitor, and this is our primary concern when creating the user experience for your website. We know what today’s customers want in a website and we present your company in the best possible way.

Designing the user interface (UI)

Step 2

Designing the user interface (UI)

Ease of navigation as well as clear and intuitive presentation of information is vital. Today’s website visitor looks for quick answers and wants information presented simply and easily.

From the graphics to the navigation setup to the layout of text, images and video, your AnyPage site takes everything into account. The success of your website can be made or broken on its user interface, so we take extra care to guarantee that yours is nothing short of top notch.

  • Straight forward presentation
  • Responsive UI design.
  • Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.
  • Design sources are well grouped and layered.

Step 3


Once everything has been prepared and approved, we build your website. We follow agile process to make it happen without any sort of inconvenience. Our dedicated project managers will share the project timeline and review rounds with you. For your information, AnyPage test out every functionality and code quality by our professional quality assurance engineers.

  • Development using modern tools like grunt, gulp, HTML5, JS, PHP and MySql
  • We will use suitable frameworks based on project requirements if needed
  • We put our best effort to meet the quality level
  • Every functionality will be tested before client review
  • We follow agile method
  • Dedicated team and project manager for each project
  • Responsive website design that ensures a perfect presentation on computers or mobile devices of all kinds.
  • Modern technologies and tools
  • We incorporate the latest trends as well as expert SEO (search engine optimization)

Step 4


Once constructed and coded, we thoroughly test the entire site to make certain it works perfectly and then we launch. We take eevry minor and major functionality seriously and will make sure that it will not break in any unusual behavior. Out of the box we will integrate our security system to make sure its protected by hackers.

  • Performance and unit tested
  • Improve website or application speed
  • Optimize website assets
  • Handle big data query
  • Faster client request
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100% satisfaction
money back guarantee

If at any time during the step you feel unhappy for any reason,
simply let us know and the fee for that step will be returned with no questions asked!

The extras that matter

Your AnyPage team doesn’t just launch your website and send you on your way.
We’re here for the long run and offer you several levels of support should you desire them.

Free 6 months’ of post-launch support – We keep an eye on the site and if you find anything even slightly wrong, we take care of it right away.
Done for you updates – We can manage all of your content updates.
Self-managed content – If you desire it, we add a CMS (content management system) so that you can add images, text and videos any time you want, 24 hours a day.

Starter package

starts from
  • One paged website
website will inlcude a home page that will be up to 5 blocks or 5000px max

Regular package

starts from
  • Standard website
  • Maximum 5 inner pages
website will include a home page and up to 5 inner pages simillar in design

Pro package

starts from
  • Standard website
  • 10 inner pages
website will include a home page and up to 10 inner pages simillar in design

Please inquiry for larger packages

6 months of free support on every order

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